Pay-As-You-Call Pricing

Organizations achieve 400% ROI & reduce communication costs by 25% with Sigma Voice.

No Annual Contracts

Get started calling without a long-term costly contract. Maybe you just need to call 1 or 2 times per year. We understand that.

No Monthly Fees

Pay-As-You-Call means you pay only when you need to send out calls. Why pay for a service that you are not using?

Self-Serve Platform

Do it yourself is very popular because the system is so easy to use. We also offer a "Do It For Me" full service option as well.

Pricing Table

The pricing table below demonstrates 6 second billing with a rate of 10 cents per minute. Your Sigma Voice recording can be as long or as short as you want.

Call Increments Price
0 sec 0 (0/60) $0.00 / Call
1-6 sec 1 (6/60) $0.01 / Call
7-12 sec 2 (12/60) $0.02 / Call
13-18 sec 3 (18/60) $0.03 / Call
19-24 sec 4 (24/60) $0.04 / Call
25-30 sec 5 (30/60) $0.05 / Call
31-36 sec 6 (36/60) $0.06 / Call
37-42 sec 7 (42/60) $0.07 / Call
43-48 sec 8 (48/60) $0.08 / Call
49-54 sec 9 (54/60) $0.09 / Call
55-60 sec 10 (60/60) $0.10 / Call

Sigma Voice uses 6 second billing like many telecom carriers and providers.

Other automated dialing services may offer a rate in the form of a "credit" using 30 or even 60 second billing increments. 30 second or 1 minute "rounding" increases the total overall cost drastically on these short duration phone calls.

Pricing Calculator

The pricing calculator below may be very helpful but it is not 100% accurate. It should be used for demonstration purposes only.

# of Contacts

Customers, Employees or Members

Average Call

Factors include recording length & message content

Delivery %

Calls generate high "Open Rates"

Response %

Call backs to Caller ID like *69

Revenue / Response

A monetary value assigned to a response

# of Phone Lines

Dial slow (using 5 phone lines) or fast (using 100 lines)

% Return On Sigma Voice Calls

Calling all contacts in less than minutes for only $ for a total of connected phone calls.

Human Answers

Machine Answers






All the enterprise level features you would expect plus more.

Caller ID

Show your contacts who's calling by clearly displaying your organization name and phone number on the Caller ID display.


Record and save your message using any phone or upload your recording file from your computer or smartphone.


It's easy to upload and manage multiple groups of contacts. Add first name and last name for better call tracking.

Opt Out

One of your contacts does not want to receive your calls? No problem. It's fast and easy to add phone numbers to your block list.


Dial your contacts with up to 50 phone lines at a time. Call 1,000 contacts in 10 minutes for $50. Done.


Reporting shows what happened on each and every call. The 3 possible dispositions are Human, Machine or Problem.

Call 1,000 Contacts Slowly or Quickly

You are in control of how fast or slow you send out the phone calls by setting the number of Sigma Voice phone lines to use.

Important: Some recipients will call back (*69 in the old days) the Caller ID phone number immediately and ask "Did you call me?". The answer is yes.

Sigma Voice offers premium access to more than 50 phone lines for urgent communications to large contact lists.


Some frequently asked questions.

Yes! Sigma Voice offers a free trial of the calling service only.

In order to qualify, please register using a company email address like Try Free

You can call 1,000 contacts for about $50 in about 10 minutes. That's about 100 calls per minute!

This example is based on a 30 second voice recording, which is an average recording length for an automated phone call. This is based on 10 cents per minute.

Small call broadcasts may incur a surcharge fee or minimum fee.

Yes. This is especially useful for organizations with multiple locations.

Simply add each Caller ID one time then it's available to be used in a call broadcast..

Your recording can be as long as you want.

Be sure to record in a quite room to make sure recording is as clear as possible.

Sigma Voice accepts many popular formats like Microsoft Excel, CSV and TXT.

Each phone number should consist of 10 digits. Parantheses, dashes and periods or ok. Also, duplicate phone numbers will be automatically removed.

Sigma Voice accepts multiple forms of payment exclusively through PayPal.

Thanks for all your help! I'll do this again for re-election! Thanks again!

Political Campaign Director

We made the right choice with Sigma Voice. Thank you very much.

Residential Heating & Air Company

Knowledgeable & responsive staff at the ready with quality support.

School District Administrator

Being able to contact clients before visiting their it takes 5 minutes.

Commercial Landscaping Service

Try Sigma Voice free!

No credit card required. Call 200 people today.