Voice Broadcasting Service

Sigma Voice offers a high-quality hosted voice broadcasting software that can send automated phone calls to all your contacts fast.

There's no need to use your own phone lines and deal with on-premise software licenses and updates.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is a way to send a recorded audio message to a group of phone numbers within a short period of time.

It's similar to an email broadcast or a text broadcast in terms of sending a mass notification.

How it works

There are 4 simple steps.

1) Set up and verify your Caller ID so your contacts know who's calling

2) Upload your contact list as an excel file

3) Record your audio message over the phone or upload your recording

4) Send the calls now or at a specific date and time in the future


Below are some of the key features of our voice broadcasting system.

Caller ID Control

Upload & Manage Contacts

Reuse Previous Recordings

Text-To-Speech Personalization

Scheduling Options

Transfer to an Agent

Answering Machine/Voicemail Detection

Real-Time Reporting

FCC & FTC Compliance Tools


Below are a few benefits of an automated call.




Use Cases

Below is a shortlist of use cases for voice broadcasting.

Emergency Notifications

Surveys and Feedback

Appointment Reminders and Updates

Employee Communication

Promotions and Special Deals

Customer Reviews


"Absolutely LOVE THIS SERVICE!!!" LeHost Hair & Wigs


"Setting up automated calls is super easy and affordable." Pedro Hernandez


"Their customer service is phenomenal." Ken Doke



During and after the call broadcast, you'll have access to a detailed report. The fields are below.

ID - The ID of the call broadcast.

Name - The name of the call broadcast.

Date - The date of the phone call.

Time - The time of the phone call.

Caller ID - This is your phone number that was used as the Caller ID.

Phone Number - This is your contact's phone number.

Call Disposition Code - This is a number that describes the Call Disposition Description.

Call Disposition Description - This is usually Live Answer, Answering Machine, No Answer or Busy.

Digit Pressed - The digit your contact pressed during the phone call, if any.

Connect Time - The length of the connected phone call.

Agent Connect Time - The length of time your contact is speaking with your office on the transferred phone call.

First Name - This is available from your phone list.

Last Name - This is available from your phone list.

Voice Broadcast Pricing

Sigma Voice only charges for connected phone calls. There are no setup fees or monthly fees. Learn more about pricing.

Is Voice Broadcasting Legal?

Yes, it is when complying with federal and state laws.

"Most recently, in 2012, the FCC revised its TCPA rules to require telemarketers (1) to obtain prior express written consent from consumers before robocalling them, (2) to no longer allow telemarketers to use an "established business relationship" to avoid getting consent from consumers when their home phones, and (3) to require telemarketers to provide an automated, interactive "opt-out" mechanism during each robocall so consumers can immediately tell the telemarketer to stop calling."

Please visit FCC website for more information.

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