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Delivered & Heard At Scale

Sigma Voice delivers your well-crafted voice message to 100's or 1,000's of your customers, employees and members fast.


What Calling Can Do

Successful management teams in every industry maximize technology to increase revenue, decrease expenses & improve efficiency.


Grow Your Membership

Written emails & texts are great and all, but how much better is a phone call featuring the leader's own voice.

Religious Institutions


More Filled Job Orders

Put down the keyboard and pick up the phone to tell your candidates about job opportunities on a regular basis.

Staffing & Recruiting


Increase Repeat Business

Call your customers to boost a new product lauch, a flash sale or a special VIP Event.

Retail & E-commerce


Well Informed Residents

Call your residents about upcoming events and activities as well as emergency notifications.

Neighborhoods & Communities


Better Campus Communication

Call your students, teachers and adminitsrators with important updates like registration deadlines.

Schools & Universities


Highlight Key Issues

Motivate your members to action with a clear voice message that is easy to understand.

Associations & Unions

"It's just like writing out emails or text messages, except one thing. With calls, each delivered message is heard."

Automated Phone Calls

Let's look at this one word at time.


The machines win here. They're way faster and cheaper than humans when it comes to dialing outbound calls.

How about this instead? Use Sigma Voice to make the calls and play your voice message recording directly to your contacts.

Your representatives receive inbound phone call back responses from your contacts in real-time.


A long time ago, a phone was just a phone. It was a simpler time.

Now, the phone can do so much more and we carry it with us almost everywhere.

It's the primary communication device for several types of communication.


There are many communication channels like Email or Text or Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram or...

A good old-fashioined phone call is the right call when your message needs to be heard to be understood.

Most, if not all, of your contacts appreciate a phone call from you when it's important.

Sigma Voice Notify Call Flow

After the dialing and the ringing, check out the 3 possible paths for each phone number in your contact list with Sigma Voice Notify.


Human Pick Up
Recording Plays


Missed Call
Machine Pick Up
Machine Greeting
Machine Beep
Recording Plays
Voicemail Notification


No Pick Up

Human Pick Up

Say Hello. The technology is listening for sounds to determine when to starting playing the recording. After a "Hello?" (and maybe a short pause), your Recording Plays. Then Hangup.

Sigma Voice Offer has an additional functionality that can bridge a call with the recipient to your office in real-time. This is sometimes referred to as "Live Tansfers".

Machine Pick Up

It is a Missed Call. After the Machine Pick Up Machine Greeting and Machine Beep, your Recording Plays to the machine.

In some cases, a recipient will call you back before receiving their Voicemail Notification and ask "Did you call me?". Reply with "Yes, we called because...".

No Pick Up

There is no cost for calls that do not connect. Sigma Voice can try a phone number 1 time or up to 5 times to help ensure message delivery.

Your call broadcast report will list these "bad" phone numbers along with the contact's name, if provided.

Unwanted Calls vs Sigma Voice Calls

Not all automated phone calls are the same. Noone likes spam. It's kinda like bulk email and texting in that way.

Unwanted Calls Sigma Voice Calls

Phone List

Existing relationships. Customers. Employees. Members.

Caller ID

The actual phone number of the actual organization. Callees can easily call back to speak to the caller.

Time Of Day

Between 9am and 9pm. (Important Emergency Alerts can be sent out at anytime upon approval.)


Order updates. Employee communications. Check-ins. Birthday celebration. Work anniversaries. Service reminders. Holiday wishes. Special promotions. Feedback surveys. Emergency alerts.


More conversations. Increased customer satisfaction. Increased employee retention. Increased member involvement.

Links to US & Canada calling laws

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