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Types Of Robocall Services

You can do it all with Sigma Voice...from a basic robocall to an advanced branching poll with text to speech and everything in between!

Notifications & Alerts

A simple call notification or robodial is the most basic form of voice broadcasting, but it is still extremely effective.

 Thanks for all your help! I'll do this again for re-election! 

- Political Campaign

Live Transfers

A live transfer calling campaign facilitates a direct real-time conversation with your contacts.

 We made the right choice with Sigma Voice. 

- HVAC Company

Automated Surveys

An automated survey by phone can be an extremely effective tool to poll thousands of people very quickly. (An automated dialer is a great alternative to live polling.)

 Knowledgeable & responsive staff at the ready with quality support. 

- School Administrator

Appointment Reminders

A timely and personalized automated appointment reminder phone call saves organizations time and money and increases customer retention.

 Being able to contact clients before visiting their home would take several hours, now it takes 5 minutes. 

- Landscaping Service

Features you'll really

Sigma Voice makes it easy to do voice broadcasting.


The web-based voice broadcast system is hosted which means if you are online, you can send an automated call campaign.

Your Caller ID

Use your own real phone number, whether it is local or toll-free, for the Caller ID during the call broadcast.

Phone List

Your phone list can be in any of these popular file formats: Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx), Comma-Separated Values (.csv) or Text (.txt).

Do Not Call List

If some of your contacts do not want to receive your phone call, it's easy to make sure you will never call them.

Answering Machine Detection

The system can detect when a human answers or answering machine/voicemail answers with over 95% accuracy. This means your contacts will hear your entire message.


The highly available network has tons of phone lines which means your pre-recorded message can be delivered to 1,000s of your contacts in minutes.

Happy To Help! Customer Support

Our support team is very tech savvy and knows the calling platform inside and out. Plus, we really are happy to help!

Voice Recordings

Creating your recordings is easy. Simply call our dedicated toll free recording line. Take as much time as you need to get message 100% perfect!

Text To Speech

Creating a personalized message for each of your recipients is not only possible but it usually improves ROI.


The pricing is simple. Just pay as you go. No charge for busy phone numbers. No surcharges or taxes.

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