Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting, also known as auto dialing, robocalls and automated phone calling, is a mass communication technology that began in the early 1990’s.

It can be one of the best ways an organization or corporation can communicate an verbal message with its members, employees and/or customers in a timely manner.

It is currently used in both a business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) capacity by organizations throughout Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK as well as many other countries.

5 Types Of Automated Calling

There are generally 5 types of campaigns that can be done with a auto dialing system.

  1. Appointment Reminders
  2. Automated Surveys
  3. Live Transfers
  4. Notifications for GOTV Robocalls or Emergency Alerts
  5. Ringless Voicemail Drops or RVMs

Voice Broadcasting Features & Benefits

  • The web based voice broadcast system is hosted which means if you are online, you can send an automated call campaign.
  • The highly available network has thousands of phone lines which means your pre-recorded message can be delivered to a large group in a very short time.
  • Use your own phone number for the Caller ID during the call broadcast.
  • The Sigma Voice auto dialer is pretty smart. It can detect when a human answers as well as an answering machine or voicemail answers with over 95% accuracy. This is appropriately referred to as Answering Machine Detection or AMD. Not all systems have such a high rate of successful detection. In those cheap systems, messages are frequently played incorrectly, which means your recording can get cut off and your recipients won’t hear the entire message.
  • Our voice broadcast service (vbs) can deliver a pre-recorded notification or alert to a large group in a very short time. This is very important when your message is urgent.
  • Your campaign be easily be set up to allow your recipients to press a dtmf digit on their phone to be instantly transferred back to your office. Live transfers or press 1 transfer campaign can be very effective for lead generation, marketing or advertising.
  • It is easy to set up an advanced branching automated survey for public opinion polling.
  • Sigma Voice also can be used as a Telephone Town Hall platform.
  • Our system is constantly monitored to maintain a high level of service. It is quality sound you’ll hear in your ear!
  • It is easy to manage your do not call requests. Simply upload a list of phone numbers that do not want to be contacted and our system automatically scrubs those phone numbers from your phone lists.
  • Also, we offer competitive pricing which will help keep your campaign costs low as well!

Does voice broadcasting work? Are Robocalls effective?

The short answer is yes. For example, it can be an extremely cost effective customer outreach program compared to an agent based outbound call center.

But we recommend reviewing your campaign goals so we can help find the best solutions for you.

A voice broadcast campaign to 1,000 people can be set up and completed in just a few minutes.

It would take a small team of live calling telemarketing representatives to accomplish the same task and at a much higher cost.

What is dynamic voice broadcasting?

A static outbound voice broadcast message will contain a general announcement about a school closing due to inclement weather.

To make a more effective voice broadcasting script, data fields from the phone list can be merged into the message. The merged data can be read in a computer voice (text to speech) or a human recorded voice. It is also very easy to change scripts.

This works particularly well for appointment reminders.

This technique can increase conversion rates as well. The reviews from call recipients show that a personalized message is more appreciated.

With our system you can try both types of messages and use the reports to determine which campaign yielded better results.

What are some voice broadcasting tips?

  • While most people will appreciate the important information, not all of your recipients will want to receive your automated calls. It is very important to record each remove request into a separate Do Not Call list. Our software will automatically scrub the Do Not Call phone numbers from your phone list prior to starting the voice broadcast.
  • Track your ROI. Even though it is an affordable form of mass communication, review the calling reports to determine what can be improved.
  • Before sending our your first calling campaign, spend a few minutes training your team about how to answer the inbound calls.
  • Ask us for voice broadcasting free trial!