Improve Education Communications With Voice Broadcasting

Improve Education Communications With Voice Broadcasting

In many scenarios, an email will suffice, however from time to time, it is important for Schools and Universities to make automated phone calls directly to students or parents of students.

Below are some of the reasons a voice broadcast may be necessary.

Below are the instructions for setting up an automated call for a notification.

After logging in to your Sigma Voice account, simply enter the Caller ID you want to use.

Next upload your do not call list if you have one.

Then upload the phone lists you want to call. Multiple phone lists can be uploaded and maintained within your call broadcast account. Our system automatically removes duplicate phone numbers and scrubs out do not call requests from your do not call list.

Next, call our toll free phone number to record your message or upload a recording you created on your computer.

The next step is to launch your voice broadcast.

  1. Select the Date and Time.
  2. Select the Caller ID.
  3. Select the Recording.
  4. Select the Group(s) to call.
  5. Select how many Sigma Voice phone lines you want to use (1 - 500).
  6. Select how many times you want to retry busy phone numbers.
  7. Click the Send Call Broadcast button.

So it is easy to call the group that needs to be contacted with the message you record.

Also, the message can be delivered very quickly.

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