Frequently (& Infrequently) Asked Questions

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How long does it take to set up a new account?

Usually less than 1 hour.

How fast can Sigma Voice call my list of 1,000 contacts?

With Sigma Voice, you can choose how many phone lines you want the system to use.

For example, if you want to dial your calls very slowly, you can use 1 phone line. This will take approximately 8 hours to call your phone number list.

Alternatively, you could use 500 phone lines and complete all the calls in 8 minutes.

Does Sigma Voice retry busy phone numbers?

Yes. You can choose to retry busy phone numbers 1 to 5 times.

What format does my phone number list need to be in?

The system accepts many file types like txt, csv, xls, xlsx and more.

The phone number field must contain a 10 digit phone number which means with the area code.

The below examples are all ok.





What if my phone list contains duplicate phone numbers?

The Sigma Voice system will automatically remove duplicate phone numbers.

Can I use my own Caller ID phone number?

Yes. The Caller ID can be your local phone number or a toll free phone number.

How do I create the recordings?

Most of our customers call a toll free phone number and enter their account information to create the recordings.

Alternatively, if you create your recordings on your computer, you can upload it directly to your Sigma Voice account. Many popular audio formats are accepted like mp3, wav, ulaw and more.

Does Sigma Voice sell or provide phone number lists?


Does Sigma Voice offer a reseller program?

Yes. Please check out our Partner page for more information.

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Being able to contact clients before visiting their it takes 5 minutes.

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