Virtual Telephone Town Hall

Telephone Town Hall

A telephone town hall virtual meeting is a great way to connect with thousands of people almost instantly.

There are 2 ways to gather your participants.

One way is for your participants to call into a specially assigned toll-free phone number.

The other way is to call your participants with our voice broadcast application which automatically transfers participants into the conference.

A Sigma Voice conference room can hold a few hundred or even several thousand participants concurrently.

This is a low-cost way to allow large numbers of people to connect from wherever they are.

Conferencing Features

Below are features of the Sigma Voice conference application. like:

Host 1,000's of participants

Call all your participants within a few minutes

Live polling for real-time results

Assign separate roles for Moderator, Host and Screeners

Real-time chat functionality for Moderator, Host and Screeners

Play pre-recorded audio files during the conference

Call transfer option for Participants

Conference call recording

Thanks for all your help! I'll do this again for re-election! Thanks again!

Political Campaign Director

We made the right choice with Sigma Voice. Thank you very much.

Residential Heating & Air Company

Knowledgeable & responsive staff at the ready with quality support.

School District Administrator

Being able to contact clients before visiting their it takes 5 minutes.

Commercial Landscaping Service

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