Boost Retail Sales & Service With Voice Broadcasting

Boost Retail Sales & Service With Voice Broadcasting

Many retailers, whether an online eCommerce website or a brick and mortar retail store know keeping in touch with customers on a regular basis is extremely important.

Email Marketing is good, but...

Sending an email broadcast from time to time is a great way to stay in touch with customers.

There are a couple of problems though.

Problem #1) Everyone is doing it.

Customers inboxes become flooded with emails and ultimately get ignored.

Problem #2) You may not have customers email address.

There is another option.

Voice Broadcast? No way! On second thought...

Using a voice broadcast from time to time can be a game changer.

You might be thinking, I would never call my customers with an automated phone call.

Is it really that big of a deal?

Think about it.

Your customers already receive automated phone calls.

Perhaps, it is an important call from the school or a dentist appointment reminder phone call.

Or worse yet, perhaps your competitor is using an automated phone call to remind them about special VIP sales or courteous customer service satisfaction surveys.

How Does Voice Broadcasting Work?

Generally speaking, here is how it works.

When your customers receive the automated call, they will first look at the Caller ID display on their phone.

The Caller ID display will show your Company Phone Number and your Company Name.

Next, the customer makes a tiny decision.

The decision is to answer the phone call or let it go to voicemail.

Live Answer

If your customer answers and say 'Hello', a friendly, if not, recognizable, human voice recording will play to them.

The recording can be created by the store manager or the store owner over the phone.

The message can be about a special event or sale at your store.

Answering Machine

If the call goes to voicemail, the recording will simply be played "after the beep".

When, not if, your customer checks her voicemail, she will hear the recording in its entirety.

This is another benefit of voice broadcasting.

People listen to their voicemail messages. Don't you?

What if...

Ok. that does not sound bad right?

Well, what if a customer still does not want to receive automated phone calls.

The answer is to just add that phone number to your Do Not Call list in your Sigma Voice account.

The Do Not Call phone numbers will never be called again during your calling campaigns.

Of course, there will be an opt-out option for customers that do not want to receive phone calls.

The Result

In many cases, with a well thought out message, the overall response is very positive and can lead to new sales.

Email broadcasting is either free or a very low cost.

Voice broadcasting does have a small cost because our system uses minutes with our phone lines.

We have competitive straightforward pricing.

We feel if the voice broadcast is done well, the new sales will greatly outweigh the related costs.

If your organization is new to this type of proactive customer contact, Sigma Voice can help.

Also, we recommend starting with a small list and making any necessary adjustments moving forward.

Just give it a try and you will be amazed at the results!

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