Political Surveys & Automated Calling With Voice Broadcasting

Political Surveys & Automated GOTV Calls With Voice Broadcasting

Political campaigns typically use voice broadcasting for Get Out The Vote (GOTV) calls.

This is an easy and cost-effective way candidates can contact their constituents.

Another popular campaign type for political campaigns is the automated survey.

The automated survey can provide real-time meaningful public opinion information in a matter of hours not days or weeks when compared to live agents from a call center.

Below is an example survey for polling or robopoll.

Hello, this a is short public opinion survey with just 5 questions. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Question 1. Will you vote in the upcoming election? Press 1 for yes. Press 2 for no.

(If yes, continue to question 2. If no, play Goodbye message, then hang up.)

Question 2. Generally speaking, do you think the country is going in the right direction? Press 1 for yes. Press 2 for no. Press 3 for undecided.

Question 3. What is the single most important problem facing the country today? Press 1 for the Economy and Jobs, press 2 for Government Spending, press 3 for taxes, press 4 for Healthcare, press 5 for undecided.

Question 4. Are you registered to vote as a Republican, Democrat, Independent or something else? Press 1 for Republican, press 2 for Democrat, press 3 for Independent, press 4 for other.

Question 5. What is your age? Press 1 for 18-29. Press 2 for 30-44. Press 3 for 45-59. Press 4 for over 60.

Thank you for participating in this short survey.

The call report for this automated survey will display all the important information such as the date, time, phone number as well as the keypresses for each answered question.

Some of our clients are so experienced with the Sigma Voice system that they have found there results are very similar to using a call center with live agents.


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