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Call or text all your customers, employees and members real fast


Generate inbound phone calls from your contacts to your inside reps with a voice broadcasting press 1 campaign.



You need your Caller ID, Recording, Phone list (and Do Not Call List, if applicable).


You can send calls immediately or you can schedule the calls for a future date and time.


Your call will answered by a human or a machine. Bad phone numbers are not answered by anything.


Find out how many humans heard your message live vs messages left on machines and much more.

Live Transfer Details

Let's look at a call broadcast with 1,000 recipients.

Human Answers

45% or 450 calls are answered by a Human.

How many of these contacts will press 1 to be transferred?

Machine Answers

45% or 450 calls are answered by a Machine.

How many of these contacts will call back the Caller ID phone number?

No Answers

10% or 100 calls are not answered.

Who are the contacts with a bad phone number in the contact list?


Your Recording

Simply call our dedicated toll free phone number to record your messages.

You will want to create 2 separate recordings.

The first recording will be the Live Answer recording that asks your customer to press 0 to be transferred to your office. (It can also say Press 9 to be added to our do not call list.)

The second recording will be the Answering Machine recording that asks your customer to call you back.

Once you have recorded the perfect message, you'll be prompted to save your recording.

Caller ID

This is just the 10 digit phone number that will show on the Caller ID Display.

You just need to set this 1 time when setting up your account.

Phone List

Your phone list can be in any of these popular file formats: Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx), Comma-Separated Values (.csv) or Text (.txt).

In additon, to a phone number column, your phone list can also contain first name and last name columns as well. These data fields will be included in your call broadcast report.

Your phone lists are YOUR phone lists. Sigma Voice does not share or sell customer information. Review our privacy policy.

Do Not Call List

If you have a list of phone numbers you want to make 100% sure you do not call, this do not call list can be uploaded into your do not call list.

As an additional option, in your recording offer your contacts an option to Press 9 on their phone to be automatically added to your Do Not Call list. The system will automatically add their phone number to your do not call list.


Right Now

To send your calls immediately, simply log in to your account and complete the short set up form.

By default, the calls will start right away.

In The Future

To send your calls later in the day or even later in the week or month, simply select the day and time in the set up form.

It is just that easy.


Live Answers

Your contact's phone is ringing.

She looks at the Caller ID display and recognizes your phone number.

She answers and says "Hello?"

Almost immediately, your recording will start playing.

If she presses 0 on her phone, the phone call will be immediately transferred to your office. Note: This initiates a 2nd phone call like a 3-way call.

Note: It is very important your office staff is prepared to receive a increase of inbound customer calls.

Answering Machines

So your contact is not available.

Don't worry! After the answering machine greeting plays and of course the famous BEEP, your recording will play.

All the while, the answering machine will record your important message.

Sometime later, your contact will play her messages and listen to your recording.


The Call Broadcast Report is available in your account on a real-time basis.

It is also emailed to you upon completion of the call broadcast.

The columns are below.

Call Broadcast Report

  • ID - The ID of the call broadcast.
  • Name - The name of the call broadcast.
  • Date - The date of the phone call.
  • Time - The time of the phone call.
  • Caller ID - This is your phone number that was used as the Caller ID.
  • Phone Number - This is your contact's phone number.
  • Call Disposition Code - This is a number that describes the Call Disposition Description.
  • Call Disposition Description - This is usually Live Answer, Answering Machine, No Answer or Busy.
  • Digit Pressed - The digit your contact pressed during the phone call, if any.
  • Connect Time - The length of the connected phone call.
  • Agent Connect Time - The length of time your contact is speaking with your office on the transferred phone call.
  • First Name - This is available from your phone list.
  • Last Name - This is available from your phone list.

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