What is a Voice Broadcast Call Notification?

One of the most common uses of an automated call is for Notifications.

A Notification could be an Emergency Alert for school closing or an important message from a religious organization or even a political robocall.

There are many other reasons for a voice broadcast notification as well.

What is required for a Notification?

A voice broadcast notification is very simple to set up.

There are 4 things required for a notification or alert message.

  1. The Caller ID must be set. This is usually set just one time in the account.
  2. A voice recording must be created over the phone by calling our toll free phone number or uploading a mp3 or wav file into to your account.
  3. The phone list must be uploaded. It can be a .txt, .csv, .xls or .xlsx. The file can be from a PC or a Mac. If you have a different list format, we’ll convert it for you. Once your phone list is uploaded, it is very easy to add, edit and delete contacts. You can also manage your contacts in your account.
  4. The do not call list must be uploaded. This may be optional.

The next step is to simply launch the notification to start on the day and time you want.

You can also set how fast you want the calls to be dialed. For example, you can use anywhere from just one Sigma Voice phone line to as many as 500.

Also, you have the option to retry busy phone numbers as many as 5 times.

It is that easy.

Is there a call report available?

Yes. While the call broadcast is running, you can view real time statistics of how many people have been called and how many answered live and how many calls went to answering machines.

At the end of the voice broadcast, you will receive your call broadcast report via email. The same report is available in your account as well.

The report will show the date and time of each call as well as the call disposition like “Live Answer”, “Answering Machine”, “No Answer” etc.