Inform by Sigma Voice

Your "always-on" robust inbound IVR phone application that provides one or more sets of important and current audio information to your contacts when they need it most.

What is Inform?

Inform is an inbound local or toll-free phone number that allows 10's, 100's or even 1000's of concurrent callers to quickly and easily access important information by simply navigating a phone keypad. 


Inform can be a simple information line for critical weather updates.

Inform can be an auto-attendant with a menu of options to connect to specific information or even transfer to a department or person.

Inform can be an advanced branching survey to poll callers on important issues.


Available 24/7/365 all day and night

Recordings can be updated at any time

Use one or more local and/or toll-free phone numbers

Callers can easy navigate Inform by using the keypad

Option to transfer the phone call to an organization call center

Collect feedback with an advanced branching survey

Detailed real-time reports

How does Inform work?

Simply call in to record or upload the audio files you want to play to your callers.

Recordings can be short like 30 seconds or as long as 30 minutes or longers.

Callers can easily navigate the messages with their phone keypad.

Your recording can be updated at any time.

Telephone Town Hall Alternative

Inform has many of the benefits of a telephone town hall without all the stress of a live event.

Each leader has an opportunity to speak and be heard.

Also, recordings can be of conversations with multiple leaders.

The Caller has the option to go directly to the leader or message without waiting around.

There are no real-time technology requirements or staff required to make it go smoothly.

A telephone town hall may last for up to an hour however a large percentage of attendees drop off within the first few minutes especially after waiting for the event to begin.

Alternatively, Inform can be accessed at the Caller's discretion any time of day or night.


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School District Administrator

Being able to contact clients before visiting their it takes 5 minutes.

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