Automated Surveys

An automated survey, also known as a automated poll or robopoll, is a way to quickly and efficiently prompt hundreds or thousands of people to answers questions in a short time frame.

Political campaigns can benefit from utilizing this type of campaign.

There are several benefits of utilizing an automated survey.


The cost to set up and complete an automated survey is a fraction of the price of using live agents.

The cost savings could be used towards other related efforts based on the responses.


Like cost, the time to set up and complete an automated survey is a fraction of the time of using live agents.

Because an automated survey can generated quality results quickly, decisions can be made quickly as well.

The first step in setting up an automated survey is to create the entire script.

There are usually 3 parts to a survey.

  1. Introduction
  2. Questions and Answer Choices
  3. Conclusion

The Introduction should succinctly explain what the survey is about and how it may affect the person called. Another tip is to say it is a quick survey, not a sales call.

The Question and Answer Choices should be clearly stated.

The Conclusion should simply thank the participant and say good bye.

The results are available in real time.